100.00 EUR

This rank gives you access to multiple kits you can redeem on a weekly basis, as well as other perks and provides you with in-game currency.
Access to the weekly kit, commands and everlasting perks are permanent and persist throughout server resets and punishments.

In-game currency is provided to you once only as part of your purchase.

/Kit Hexmaster :

  • 64x Vibrant Alloy Ingot, Soularium Ingot, Cryotheum Dust
  • 32x Mutandis Extremis, Transistor, Capacitor
  • 8x Resonant Conversion Kit
  • 4x Nether Star, Condensed Fear
  • 2x Elite Induction Cell, Elite Induction Provider, End Steel Chassis
  • 2x Rune of Autumn, Rune of Spring, Rune of Summer, Rune of Winter
  • 2x Terrasteel Ingot
  • 1x Greater Band of Mana (filled), Overgrowth Seed, Ent Twig, Security Station
  • 1x Green Heart Canister, Salted Neptunium-237 Fission Bomb

/Kit Shadowmancer:

  • 64x Crystalline Pink Slime Energy Conduit, Grains of Infinity, Pyrotheum Dust, Extract Speed Upgrade
  • 32x Vibrant Alloy Ingot
  • 16x Atomic Alloy, Stellar Alloy Ingot, Melodic Alloy Ingot, Z-Logic Controller
  • 4x Industrial Machine Chassis, Signalum Conversion Kit, Whiff of Magic
  • 2x Terrasteel Ingot, Advanced Induction Cell, Advanced Induction Provider, Nether Star
  • 1x Koboldite Ingot, Printed Circuit Board, Voodoo Protection Poppet, Redstone Soup, Otherwhere Chalk
  • 1x End Steel Chassis, Turret Base (Tier 5), Californium-251 Fission Bomb
  • 1x Band of Mana (filled), Yellow Heart Canister, Ultimate Energy Cube

/Kit Nethermancer:

  • 64x Basic Control Circuit, Elementium Ingot, Diamond
  • 32x Advanced Control Circuit, Elite Control Circuit, Golden Apple (Enchanted), Reinforced Alloy
  • 32x Refined Obsidian Ingot, Blizz Rod
  • 16x Spirit Fragment
  • 8x Stellar Alloy Ingot, Atomic Alloy
  • 4x Simple Machine Chassis, Reinforced Conversion Kit
  • 4x Rune of Greed, Rune of Sloth, Rune of Envy, Rune of Wrath, Rune of Pride
  • 3x Koboldite Nugget, Spanish Moss
  • 2x Basic Induction Cell, Basic Induction Provider
  • 1x Flux Compressor, Armor Protection Poppet, Tool Protection Poppet, Ent Twig
  • 1x Red Heart Canister, Americium-242 Fission Bomb, Turret Base (Tier 4), Elite Energy Cube

/Kit Warlock:

  • 64x Enriched Alloy, Manasteel Ingot
  • 32x Basic Capacitor, Reinforced Alloy, Glowstone Ingot, Blitz Rod
  • 16x Golden Apple (enchanted), Green Plastic, Red Plastic, Double-Layer Capacitor, Melodic Alloy Ingot
  • 8x Octadic Capacitor, Endoflame
  • 4x Rune of Mana, Rune of Lust, Rune of Gluttony, Rune of Greed,  Drop of Luck, Demonic Blood, Steel Casing
  • 2x Taglock Kit, Advanced Air Compressor, 64k ME Storage Component, ME Storage Housing
  • 1x Satchel (Resonant), Uranium-233 Fission Bomb, Turet Base (Tier 3)
  • 1x UV Light Box, Refinery, Thermopneumatic Processing Plant, Advanced Energy Cube, ME Crafting Terminal

/Kit Diabolist:

  • 64x Osmium Ingot
  • 32x Mana Diamond, Mana Pearl, Enriched Alloy, Basalz Rod
  • 16x Cyan Plastic, Blue Plastic, Black Plastic, Gray Plastic
  • 16x Crystalline Alloy Ingot, ME Smart Cable, ME Dense Smart Cable, Basic Capacitor, Reinforced Alloy, Golden Apple
  • 8x Double-Layer Capacitor, Spark, Crystalline Pink Slime Ingot
  • 4x ME Storage Housing, Octadic Capacitor, Rune of Spring, Rune of Summer, Rune of Autumn, Rune of Winter
  • 4x Exhale of the Horned One, Ender Dew, 
  • 2x 16k ME Storage Component
  • 1x Nuclear Explosives, Turret Base (Tier 2), Satchel (Signalum), Basic Energy Cube

/Kit Cultist:

  • 32x Silver, Copper, Tin, Pulsating Iron, Steel, Conductive Iron, Electrum Ingot, Blaze Rod
  • 16x Bronze, Soularium Ingot, Enriched Alloy, Ender Pearl
  • 16x Tear of the Goddess, Foul Fume, Diamond Vapor
  • 8x Double-Layer Capacitor, Rune of Air, Rune of Fire, Rune of Water, Rune of Earth
  • 4x Golden Apple
  • 2x 4k ME Storage Component, ME Storage Housing, Vortex Tube
  • 1x Golden Chalk, ME Controller, Satchel (Reinforced), Thermobaric Explosives, Turret Base (Tier 1)

/Kit Ritualist:

  • 64x Seared Brick, Clay, Livingwood, Livingrock, String
  • 32x Redstone Dust, Glowstone Dust, Clay Jar
  • 16x Gold, Invar, Iron, Electrical Steel, Energetic Alloy Ingot, Grains of Infinity, Diamond
  • 16x Wood Ash, Mutandis, Quicklime
  • 8x Pressure Tube, Basic Capacitor
  • 4x Ender Pearl, 1k ME Storage Component, ME Storage housing
  • 2x Air Compressor
  • 1x Obsidian TNT, Ritual Chalk, Satchel (Hardened)

On top of that, all ranks gain access to a general weekly kit as well:

/Kit General:

  • 1x Obsidian Paxel
  • 1x Atomic Disassembler (charged)
  • 1x Californium RTG
  • 1x Strontium RTG
  • 1x Nuclear Explosives
  • 1x Elytra
  • 2x Gold Coin


  • /workbench
  • /anvil 
  • /feed
  • /enderchest

Everlasting Perks:

  • Unique prefix: &9[&2Hex&5master&9] 
  • 14 Homes

One-time Perks:

  • 110,000 In-game currency