10.00 EUR

Note: Access to the one-time kit and one-time perks are only granted once after this rank has been purchased and cannot be re-redeemed or granted again after server resets. The weekly kit, commands and everlasting perks are permanent and persist throughout server resets and punishments.

(30d cooldown) /Kit Claim Create:

  • 64x Zinc Ingot, Brass Ingot, Andesite Alloy, Mechanical Belt, Electron Tube, Shaft
  • 32x Cogwheel, Large Cogwheel
  • 8x Andesite Funnel, Gearbox
  • 5x Deposit
  • 4x Brass Funnel, Water Wheel, Precision Mechanism
  • 2x Mechanical Mixer, Basin, Speedometer
  • 1x Wrench, Empty Blaze Burner, Super Glue, Electric Motor, Mechanical Press


  • /workbench

Everlasting Perks:

  • Unique prefix: &e[&6Traveller&e]
  • 2x Homes¬†
  • 60 Claim Chunks
  • 25 Force-loadable Chunks

One-time Perks:

  • 5,000 Ingame currency